BACnet Data Communications

Partners products make use of the BACnet® communications standard. This standard, ISO 16484-5, also known as ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2012 and its subsequent addenda, represent over 28 years of effort and tens of thousands of hours of development by manufacturers, consulting engineers, building owners, facility managers, academic and government institutions.

The resulting standard has been widely adopted by a large number of vendors of building automation and control equipment, mechanical equipment, HVAC&R, lighting, fire/life safety and other related types of building systems.

Bacnet Data Communications


BAConnect is a software interface between LXI (Lan eXtensions for Instrumentation) based devices and BACnet clients. BAConnect acts as a BACnet server to your BACnet clients and as a client to your LXI devices. BAConnect supports all operations of reading and writing of BACnet objects and properties through VISA drivers of the respective devices. BAConnect lets your BACnet client software to communicate seamlessly with Data Acquisition/Data logger devices like KeySight 34972A/349720. You can configure all the sensors connected to the LXI devices and read/write values to the sensors.